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Have the conversation with your personal astrology coach

27 May 2024, Introduction to the Stars kicks off a two week series of conversations with your personal astrology coach, Sally-Anne Lambert.

         Ask all the questions, Say all the things

Talk to a counselor who understands astrology skepticism, who gets your need for a rock solid basis on which to stand. Get directly to the point, no messing around. Clear answers, workable guidance in your real world. Whaaaaat!?!

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The conversation begins at a hotel meeting room  in Beverley Hills

A wonderful group of people will begin to experience the planets as they never have before, and begin to really receive the unique gifts of the planets. Each one embraces the beauty of their life, and glimpses the exciting and compassionate blessings of individual stars of our galaxy. Learn how viewing the stars you share with another, and how the star's auspices play out uniquely in your different lives, brings new faith in our shared humanity. 

What it's like to consult with Sally...

Founder of Super-Intelligent Astrology

It will be exciting to hear what your general star chart reveals even at the very beginning. A client has been known to spin round in a full circle before exclaiming to the room 'That's exactly it!!'

  • Prepare to be amazed at the clarity

  • Plan all of your questions, cos you're going to want to know EVERYTHING

  • When you're in the presence of truth, and that truth is your own...    

While listening in collective session, you will need to write down questions that arise. Part of the process is love and understanding for our fellow human beings. In the SIA method, case studies are an essential part of learning.

Our customers love what we do

This has truly helped tremendously...

You have literally shined a light through all of the cloudiness ! I was very overwhelmed at first when I started exploring her chart, thank you so much for your amazing help, the time you took to really dig deep and help me understand better. I've taken it all in and I'm most certainly going to apply all of it well especially .....  and speak positive affirmations. I've been so worried I didn't even bother to think of that ....   

I'm so grateful I'm here and taking the time to understand her chart so I can get a better picture on how to guide her and also be a better nurturer to her. So grateful for you thank you so much  

Valentina Santanilla


You're doing some amazing work... again thank you a treasure trove of information here.

Ember K E

Wow that's phenomenal.

Betty Napier

You're the kind of astrologer I'm aiming to be...  Thank you so much for your insight.


Thank you so much for the analysis of this it rings true a lot. And it does give me perspective towards my life.

Milton Gradilla

That's so interesting... I'm (describing situation) right now and it's causing (describing benefit on the situation)... The affirmations almost made me cry. Thank you so much. This means alot to me.

This is way more than I thought I was about to get. I really appreciate this.

Reina Agana

This makes a lot of sense and puts a lot into perspective.

Madison Chaffin

Wow! Extremely informative and true! Thank you so much for all of this. I'm definitely gonna ponder it and start manifesting


that!!! omgoshes yes! ... How fun!!...  This is neat. Thank you for sharing. 

Bryan Lovering

I'm amazed on the synchronicities... That's a great idea.... '100%!!' We thought about (describes doing what suggested)...  I feel more emotionally stable...   (describes emotional situation)... Thank you. I just wanted you to see. I'm trying   :)     I just had did urge to make change. 

Joanna Munoz

Wow that's a lot of effort... It's really interesting, I really, really appreciate all of this 100%... I love it, This is a lot of info and I am also very very thankful.

Markus Gabriel Molino

Wow wow wow so incredibly accurate! I'm amazed!!! Wow !!! Yes to all !!!! ... (affirms the situations in detail)... Wow just wow wow... (describes emotion of situations)... Just wow wow wow wow yes yes yes thank you ! I love to know the science of things

... (affirms current developments)...  your blowing my whole mind

Tara Raiford

Why is this astrology so uniquely accurate?

It's based on astronomy.

100% accuracy, no cherry-picking

The newest astronomical information on individual stars

By using astronomy instead of myth and imagery, the interpretations of the stars are pre-set and extremely accurate.

Full Story - Short Video

The best of the ancient tradition in our own time

Suddenly we are snapping up to date

Since 1980 when Sally bought her first astrological encyclopedia, she has sought for the most reliable and perfect use of astrology. This came to fruition in 2012, under intense pressure.

Full Story - Short Video

~400 stars ... some are yours and speak to you

Stars are your creators

The best way to know yourself is from the stars that gave birth to you. You are stardust and the power of the stars is within you! The stars' experience translates for you.

Full Story - Short Video

Myth has a place, as a background idea


Myth is not just pictures we imagine in the sky. It is not first priority, but it exists as a history of a people, and their dramas and everything. Sally's astronomy-based approach gives an objectivity that is vital to success, a foundation of peace on which to operate.

Spiritual Background

To mentor someone as a coach, you need to have had your own mentors. Sally's mentors had massive impact, and helped bear the burden of her goals to change the world. 

Aside from having these four mentors, Sally had a muse, who helped to integrate all the lessons of the mentors. He was innocent and caring. 

"These five people absorbed a lot of the pain of my struggle, as others in my life have also done. I'm very grateful to them. Bless their souls. But I feel like everyone is my mentor. There are so many people I've learned from."

Madge Douglas ('Aunty Madge')

Modeled personal religion and enterprise

Tilly Matheson (landlady)

Minor socialite, modeled culture and arts

Henry Lambert (Dad, his Dad on left)... 

Tech, management, culture, psych

Karmayogi, Lewis Postlewaight

Ashram owner, yoga pioneer, homeopath

Aligning with the Universe

Sally: I want you to enjoy the blessing of stability that I've had from the stars. Before I worked in astrology I was a second language teacher at the peak of my career. I had taught university full-time for eight years, and before that I taught children. I had a lot of experience creating my own materials and curriculum and managing student activities. I moved to the most professional and highly paid market in my field, Saudi Arabia, where I created an entire program from scratch for the faculty of the largest women's university in the world.

 In 2012, I got canceled and I didn't deserve it. I was a little distracted and a little afraid to dive into the most shocking and powerful advances I'd made. To speak my power at my book launch in Alaska, to transform and underpin the entire field in the most difficult grammar on the planet, Native American style grammar. Since the late 80s, I had this mission in life to write nine dictionaries to help bring about racial harmony in the world. These dictionaries are designed to enable people to learn their ancestral language, or a new language, in a way that works with that language's native culture. All the evidence was there, but I didn't commit to the launch properly. The reason I sleep-walked into the situation goes back to prenatal time but it's a story for another occasion.

I knew the hostility I was up against. After the launch, I took the story to a local radio talkback host, and he sensationalized it, using my spiritual enthusiasm against me, and stirring up hatred among the tribe, which was easy to do. Soon the woke anti-culture was born. The treatment of my supposed religion was very bigoted. Lies multiplied. The truth is, I was adopted as a child into Samoan life and culture, and my first language had switched out. I had also lived a primitive life and developed new values. I've always been a mystery. And that worked for me, to blend in and learn things that academics couldn't learn. But there comes a point you have to step up.

Who I am is never very obvious, and the path I took gradually experiencing the whole of Polynesian language family. I became a Samoan chief in the ancient way but not formally. Organically I learned how the human language family works. How its languages interconnect became gradually apparent as I committed more and more to language. But spiritually I knew I was up against a lot in the modern world. These things are not easy to reveal to the world. People look for a simple story of who I am. They cannot reconcile my physical racial appearance with my mindset and faith. 

My father knew I'd likely struggle. As a young man, he had wanted to be a super-psychiatrist with multiple degrees when he was a senior in the physics department of MIT. But his protests against the Nazis before the war even began got him arrested and he didn't graduate. Before he died in 1984 he passed on his goal to me, in a physics paper entitled Reconciling Revelation and Science. It focused on the space-time continuum.

I'm proud that I've been able to fulfill my father's fondest dream. He died when I was first experiencing conflict with bigoted academics. He was afraid another generation would be repressed, that in the end the mission against fascism would be lost, that religion without logic would fail, and that science without soul would also fail. He used to write me long letters up to 20 pages, every few days then every week or so. I found the middle way, the roots of language, earth's flowering of culture... and the roots of life, the creator stars who gave us the stardust that is us. Revelation in its deepest origins, and science in its deepest origins. I wish my father could be here to see his dream of world peace sprout, but he is watching over me from the stars.

On e of the greatest goals of my life, which wasn't clear to me for a long time, was to find my own roots. I knew my father was half French, at least we believed so. But there was a lot of repression casting doubt. I also knew my mother was Scottish, but we had no idea that there even was an ancestral language. So my ultimate goal has been to find my own roots and learn my other ancestral languages, French and Scottish Gaelic. These are also part of my dictionaries mission. My work as an astrologer is partly to give me time and resources to fulfill the rest of my mission for the dictionaries. Thank you for reading, and I welcome you to be part of the story. As you already are in some ways.